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Counselling, Psychotherapy, and Life Coaching 

Round-the-clock 7 days a week 
Individual Approach

NowOK CPNS is number 1 International network of clients and consultants in the UK and Europe. 

NowOK CPNS is the first International network of clients and consultants - psychotherapists, psychologists, and life-coaches. Our innovative approach is focused on meeting needs of both the clients and the practitioners. Our experts will provide you with quality care. users located in 93 countries on 6 continents, including such countries as the United Kingdom, the United States, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Monaco, France, Spain, Israel, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg, Australia, Greece, Japan, Czech Republic, Brazil, and South Africa.

Our specialisation

Counselling, Psychotherapy, and Life coaching via Skype and FaceTime

Every therapeutic approach

Wide range of psychological and social issues

Multilingual support

Personalized and interactive services

Flexibility and convenience

Telephone, Email, Face-to-Face, FaceTime, and Skype counselling

 Welcome to NowOK!

from £10 per month

from £5 inc. therapist profile 

from £5 per search result 

 from £50.00 per session

from £10 per month 

from £5 inc. pre-assesment

from £60 per 12-month placement

from £2 per sale 







 NowOK Online Clinic

Psychological Support via Skype

Talking to a psychotherapist via Skype and FaceTime is simple and fast

by appointment at a convenient time

round-the-clock 7 days a week

NowOK provides  you with the advice and psychological support for everyone regardless of gender, age, or location. Consultations are conducted by qualified therapists, psychologists and Life-coaches on Skype. Tell us about your life complications. We specialize in finding solutions to all problems. Tell us about your difficulties, fears, migraines, stress, obsessive thoughts, professional and personal issues, and any other difficulties. Keep in mind that although our consultations are completely confidential.

Talk to a psychologist

via Skype and FaceTime

Supported languages:  English, Russian

The duration of a consultation: 30 minutes

Individual Approach


Face-to-face video calling with Skype is a convenient way to receive counselling and therapy.

NowOK is ever expanding innovative services

NowOK provide customized and interactive services in the following principal areas:

Online Booking. NowOk make it easy for clients to find Counsellors, Psychotherapists, or Life Coaches who meet the clients’ needs. We help individuals and couples book services of highly qualified consultants registered with professional organizations.

Personalized Search helps individuals and couples find counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, or life coaches FAST. NowOk save client’s time and money by researching to find up to five practitioners in accordance with the client’s preferences. Search results list all available information regarding each practitioner.

NowOK Publishing is a publishing service packed with great extra benefits. Publish your article or your book online, get NowOK News coverage, sell your e-book and welcome new clients.

To find out more click here or contact us

NowOK Advertising. NowOK offers an innovative interactive advertising service packed with great extra features. Mix and match the features from Google-ability and NowOk News coverage to multimedia files, your Youtube videos, Email Me and Skype buttons. Mix and match the features to achieve your own individual and personalized package, or pick them all. All for one affordable price. Obtain the best results.

NowOK Blog is a great free interactive service opened for everyone. Share your thoughts and ideas, share your concerns and ask questions, give advice and everyday tips. NowOK Blog gives client an opportunity to book an appointment with the practitioner participating in the Blog.

NowOk Newsletter includes News headlines, NowOk Special Offers, CPNS community updates. It keeps you updated about the latest developments in the field of psychology, emotional health and related social issues. Subscribe FREE with confidence. We will never pass your details to a third party.

NowOk is a sustainable business. Our products and services are environmentally friendly.

We support the use of Skype and FaceTime for the provision of counselling and psychotherapeutic services as eco-friendly and convenient methods of the service delivery, which allow both the client and the practitioner a greater flexibility. 

Download Skype  

Download FaceTime

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