About NowOK CPNS

We are pleased to invite you to join NowOK CPNS.

Who can join CPNS?

Anyone, anywhere can join CPNS.

How to join CPNS? 

Please complete the “Join CPNS Form”. Please fill in your details and select your preferences. Once you have submitted the form, we send you an email containing your Personal Reference Number and start choosing the best way to fulfil your requirements.

About NowOK CPNS

NowOK Client Practitioner Network Solutions (CPNS)  is the first International network of clients and consultants - psychotherapists, psychologists, and life-coaches. Our innovative approach is focused on meeting needs of both the clients and the practitioners.

CPNS was formed as a part of NowOK in response to the growing demand for online counselling and interactive communication between practitioners and individuals and couples looking for professional help.

Whether you are looking for a counsellor, psychotherapist, art therapist, or life coach, or you are available to accept new clients, you benefit from joining CPNS.

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