About Practitioners 

 Talking and being heard can help

Sometimes in our lives we need to seek for help and support. Whatever the life throws at you, it is important to remember that you're not alone and there are people who are ready to help you through any challenge. 

The CPNS Practitioners are warm, empathic, ethical, and accepting. They understand that facing challenge in life can be distressing. They provide a safe, confidential, and professional  space for clients to explore their issues, concerns, and anxieties in a supportive, compassionate and non-judgmental environment, where client can talk about themselves and their life in a way that they often can’t talk to family and friends. There are no pressures, just time and space in a relaxed, friendly, and confidential setting. 

The CPNS Practitioners help a client interested in counselling or life coaching. The client’s personal reason for seeking professional support is the central focus in the therapeutic sessions. Practitioners help explore whatever aspects of life the clients wish to better understand or change to increase their well-being. They committed to supporting couples and individuals in healing the relationship to restore harmony, emotional closeness and physical intimacy.

They believe that counselling is a two-way process. The necessary qualities and inner resources to make the essential changes are present in each individual. They provide support and encouragement  helping clients to achieve desired changes. They work facilitating the healing, change, and growth, developing the solutions and ways forward.  Practitioners often work with their creativity helping clients make sense of the past experiences and  discover how these experiences affect their life today. So the clients are able to gain a greater awareness of the burdens they carry and recognize their own strengths. They can help to look at goal setting, gain new insight into habitual ways of thinking and increasing understanding, consider life patterns and  making changes, explore fresh perspectives and plan personal development. 

Their work supports a greater clarity and self-awareness. They work both with the conscious element of personality and with the unconsciousness which may be understood and change or growth attained. A number of the CPNS Practitioners use insights drawn from philosophy and psychology helping their clients address the challenges and experiences, recognise and unfold the client’s potential, and assist the client through the process of change. 

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