About Us 

The name NowOK comes from defining characteristics of positive feelings of satisfaction with past achievements, beauty of this project design, and raising aspirations. We believe that healthy relationships are, in fact, the most important and enduring aspects of our lives. Everyone, Now OK works with, regards us as a professional, knowledgeable, highly confidential and trustworthy group. These characteristics provide the basis for the long-term relationships which are the core of our business.

Our business is purposeful, dynamic, pure and positive. Some of the fundamental principles that underpin our approach are responsiveness, flexibility,  performance monitoring, performance analysis, extensive use of survives and feedback,  continuous development, disseminating learning, commitment to improvements , complaint management, expansion. Find our more

NowOK perform within a number of Industry sectors involving:

  • Allied health professionals 
    • Counsellors 
    • Psychotherapists
    • Art Therapists
    • Psychologists
  • Life coaches 
  • Occupational and Business Psychologists
We believe that the future is great. We work to enable our clients to achieve their full potential. Our key strategies are leadership, first class individualized service, highest quality standards, confidentiality, effectiveness analysis, continuous improvement, multilingual international development, high moral character, integrity, and honesty. Find out more

NowOK Online Management Centre believes the vast majority of people using the NOW OK online booking system are satisfied with the tailored  services they receive.

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