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I was asked to write about dreams

Posted by Ref. PT120115 on Saturday, August 18, 2012, In : Dreams 
You trust your dreams? Are they junk of our tired brain? Or they are beats of our unconscious? Are they messages from "above"? No one really knows.
Some dreams, of course, junk, consisting of bits of various events that we had in real life. In other dreams, we can find some logic or symbolic meaning. Sometimes our dreams can predict future events. But can we be sure that they are messages for us? We might have thought about these future events deep in our mind before the dream occurred. 
Or did...

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Would you like to change yourself? Do it. Take your life in your own hands.

Posted by Ref. PT120115 on Saturday, August 18, 2012, In : Help Yourself 
Your personality is an image accepted by you. This image has been built during your life from very early childhood. It was built by your parents, your teachers, books and magazines you read, your friends, brothers, and sisters.  They told you what you look like and what your character is. They told you what you must or must not do. You made your choices, accepted specific roles in different situations, and learned the results. Over time, you put these behavioural components and roles together...

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The importance to understand Yourself.

Posted by Ref. PT120115 on Thursday, August 16, 2012, In : Help Yourself 
We often say “I”, such as “I wish to travel”, or “I am”, such as “I am hungry”.  What is this “I”? What do people usually include in this concept of “I”? 
When I ask my clients what they have in mind saying “I” and where is this “I” - many associate themselves with their bodies, with their feelings, or their thought, with their mind, or with their will. Most of the people associate themselves with their personalities. 
The investigation of “Self” has been des...

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Just a few of the mistaken activities which are thought to of use to give a GOOD WAY OF LIFE

Posted by NowOK CPNS Ref. CB120724 on Tuesday, August 7, 2012, In : Social Issues 
I take this opportunity to pass one comment about one thing in the news at the moment.  
That is Tax avoidance.  As usual, the attacks are on the lesser evaders, not on the big money ones.
My view is a simple one. That all tax allowances should be scrapped except for the Free pay allowance. 
I have seen tax collected for sixty years and the system of collection is good, manner in which the amount to be paid is Criminal. 
The latest idea is to have one tax band.   Again that is to appease the high...

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