I take this opportunity to pass one comment about one thing in the news at the moment.  
That is Tax avoidance.  As usual, the attacks are on the lesser evaders, not on the big money ones.
My view is a simple one. That all tax allowances should be scrapped except for the Free pay allowance. 
I have seen tax collected for sixty years and the system of collection is good, manner in which the amount to be paid is Criminal. 
The latest idea is to have one tax band.   Again that is to appease the higher earners.
The only workable one is where there is a sliding scale of tax for earnings via PAYE.
For dividends we must have a higher rate by far to stop small limited liability companies being formed so that the director(s) get their first tax band at the lowest rate, then avoid the second rate by getting dividends which are then taxed @ around 22 % instead of at the higher rate of 40% or so. Similarly Corporation tax must be at a minimum of 60/65% of net profits. 
Isa's must be discontinued. In fact any tax allowance to provoke saving must be discontinued , because this gives large pockets of stored labour(Money) which then goes into the financial market and creates inflation by converting normal demands which are not satisfied into demands which are satisfied and is called effective demands. 
Pension schemes are a failure as anyone with half a brain would have realised from the start if they were had thought in detail what pensions for ALL WOULD cause. 
I could go on and on about the failings of our WAY OF LIFE presently.
I will however leave things as they are. 
I have just taken this chance be it a joke or genuine to air just a few of the mistaken activities which are thought to of use to give a GOOD WAY OF LIFE.

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