We often say “I”, such as “I wish to travel”, or “I am”, such as “I am hungry”.  What is this “I”? What do people usually include in this concept of “I”? 
When I ask my clients what they have in mind saying “I” and where is this “I” - many associate themselves with their bodies, with their feelings, or their thought, with their mind, or with their will. Most of the people associate themselves with their personalities. 
The investigation of “Self” has been described in the works of many philosophers and psychologists. The current point of view associates “Self” with “Self-concept” - the individual person, from his or her own perspective.
Could you give a hand to the contemporary Psychology making their understanding of “Self” clear?
Ask yourself. For example, you say – “I wish”.  What is this “I” which has these wishes?  Where is this “I” located?