Ethical Policy 

As a reputable and trusted business committed to offering its customers high quality Services NowOK expect all members and users to operate ethically, consistently providing an environment which protects privacy, confidentiality, health and safety and basic human rights. NowOK value difference and diversity and does not discriminate on the grounds of age, gender and gender identity, sexual preference or orientation, marital/partnership status, religion, race, language, culture, colour, national origin, disability, heritage or political belief. All members and users are expected to comply with their national laws and regulations with particular regard to Health and safety, No discrimination, No harsh or inhumane treatment, No criminal behaviour. NowOK will never accept new members who breach the above principles. It is not always possible to monitor and control the actions of each individual involved or visiting this website, however NOW OK recognise the importance of being proactive and doing everything within its power to support human rights. NowOK build and maintain the Client Practitioner network providing membership, web space and other services. All Practitioners are self-employed and maintain professional membership and registration with the relevant professional organisations, including, but not limited to the BACP, BABCP, BPS, UKRC, and UKCP. They are bound by the Code of Ethics and professional standards of these organisations and are subjects to their complaints procedures. Confidentiality is an essential aspect of the service we provide.  It is of vital importance that every user or member can trust that their personal details disclosed to NowOK will remain confidential to the extent required by law. NowOK Ethical Policy works throughout the NowOK business system and is applicable to particular decisions and actions. The provision of culturally sensitive and appropriate services is the fundamental ethical concern and the way of our business development. NowOK focus on particular importance of fidelity, commitment to promoting Client’s well-being, respect for Client’s right to be self-governing, commitment to avoiding harm to the client, provision of adequate services, promotion of self-respect, application of essential elements of good practice. The main priority of our business is making a real difference, providing opportunities for our clients’ personal development and positive changes in their environment, physical and mental health, emotional well-being, education, recreation and social belonging to the community. NowOK pay special attention to quality of life and the general well-being of individuals and societies. We are committed to equality of opportunity in all aspects of communication, cooperation, employment and service provision. NowOK honour accessibility and equal opportunities in all aspects of the business, including Clients Practitioners Network Solutions. NowOK aim to ensure that all services are accessible, and provided in a fair manner to everyone regardless of race, colour, culture, language, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, marital status, disability, religious beliefs, age or sexual orientation. Both equality and diversity are a foundation of NOW OK daily activities. NOW OK network is multilingual, multinational and multicultural community of the clients and practitioners across the UK and abroad.  

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