Life Coaching

The CPNS Practitioners, Psychologists and Specialists in Life Coaching, offer personal development and life coaching services. They are the members of BACP Coaching division providing coaching and training, working within the BACP ethical framework. 

They provide Retirement coaching, Educational, Mentoring, and Career coaching, Occupational testing and counselling, Stress counselling and Stress management, Health well-being, Life Coaching, Sport well-being, and Motivational coaching.

They are experienced with a wide range of client work and development. Some work as vocational advisers and administer Occupational testing. Others are fully qualified Mediators with extensive experience in Conflict Resolution in families, communities, schools, and workplace are available for work with companies and organisations.  Many work with individuals helping them return to work after being signed off or manage within work due to work-related stress, anxiety, depression, injury, or trauma.

Practitioners help individuals provide personal development / coaching of individuals, enhance performance and more effectively engage with their potential for greater success and well-being in life and in sport, at work, in business, career change and Work-life balance, provide mediation of workplace conflict. 

The CPNS Independent Psychologists are  experienced working with individuals, couples, groups in business, private and educational settings.


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