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Rituals bring comfort even for non-believers

March 26, 2013
BPS Research Digest reports that people around the world often perform rituals as a way to cope with sad events. The rules can be contradictory - for instance, Tibetan Buddhists think it's disrespectful to cry near the deceased, while Catholic Latinos believe the opposite. Beneath this variety, a new paper by Michael Norton and Francesca Gino, suggests there is a shared psychological mechanism - a comforting sense of increased control. Moreover, the researchers report that even non-believers can benefit (pdf via author website). Read more...


Overheard phone conversations: super irritating, but actually not that distracting

March 26, 2013
Why is it so annoying to hear a person chatting away in public on their mobile phone? One possibility examined in a new study is that the sound is particularly distracting, more so than a nearby conversation between two people who are both physically present.

Veronica Galván and her colleagues had 164 undergrads take part in what they thought was an investigation into the links between anagram solving performance and reading comprehension. While the students attempted to solve 15 easy and 15 ...

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The scourge of meeting late-comers

March 26, 2013
Tardiness at meetings is one of the biggest unexplored issues in work-place behaviour, according to a team of researchers in the USA. Steven Rogelberg and his colleagues attempted to estimate the base rate of meeting lateness via a survey of 195 employees across South-eastern USA, reporting on over 300 meetings. Participants admitted arriving late an average of 5 per cent of the time. Multiply by the number of attendees at a typical meeting (the average in this sample was 8) and this makes th...

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About the article "The Theory of Matrix"

March 2, 2013
Applications of the experimental psychology. The article "The Theory of Matrix" by A.E.Randles is newly published by NowOK Publishing with the permission of the author. Read about the new concepts of the interrelationship between Individuality and Reality, Space and Time, and Information and Energy in The Theory of Matrix.
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Understanding the jokes toddlers make

November 16, 2012
Few sounds can be as heart-warming as a chuckling toddler. Often they're laughing at a joke you or someone else has performed, but what about their own attempts at humour? 
A new study has revealed seven forms of humour performed by the toddlers. Read more on the Research Digest blog.

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8 (Genuine!) Tips For Success From Asia's Richest Man Li Ka-shing

October 28, 2012
Moving up during the course of his life from humble circumstances as a fatherless teenager to one of the world’s richest business leaders and most generous philanthropists, Li Ka-shing for many in Asia represents a model of how to succeed in the world. 
The Li Ka Shing Foundation, Li’s charity foundation, kindly helped us with the following eight Tips For Success

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