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NOW OK have the practitioners you need with wide range of skills you require. We make sure their talents, abilities, and experience work for you. All you need to decide is that is time for a positive change. Individuals or couples who know exactly what they need, please click here to book the practitioner's services.

Have you already decided what service you are looking for?

With NowOK you can receive

Short-term or Long-term Therapy

Psychological Consultations

Psychological Assessment

Life Coaching

Career Development  

Do you already know what kind of practitioner you need?

With NowOK you can select from 




Art Therapists 

Life Coaches

Are you concerned with timing and convenience?

With NowOK you can choose from 

Skype, FaceTime, and other video calling consultations  

Email consultations

Telephone consultations

Home visits by practitioner

Office visits by practitioner

Sessions at practitioner's office 

Are there any particular circumstances to take into account? We aim to offer you the best solution there is.

Multilingual practitioners

Disability-friendly environment 

Are you looking for a specific therapeutic approach?

 NowOK work with hundreds of practitioners. There is a wide range of therapies available in order to meet your preferences.

 If you haven’t yet decided what help you need, you can find more information in FAQ and NowOK Dictionary.


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