NowOK Services for Practitioners

Wide range of services to help your private practice flourish, yet meeting your needs in all aspects of the business.    

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    CPNS - Other Benefits

  • Marketing strategies to attract new clients include Traditional and Online advertisement and Social Media 
  • Freedom to choose Who you work with, When you work, How you work and How Much you charge
  • Secure payment processing with options to pay via Debit or Credit Card, Google Wallet, and PayPall 
  • No time wasting 
  • Client sourcing and screening 
  • Personalized public profile webpage on NowOK website with Contact Me and Book my Services buttons*
  • Privacy, yet accessibility 
    • We minimise spam and nuisance calling, yet make it easy for the genuine candidates / client to contact you or book your services.    
  • Help and advice with setting up and using Skype, FaceTime and other video calling services
  • Special offers and discounts

 * Subject to fair usage. Term and Condition and Privacy Policy apply. We aim to ensure equality for and privacy of every member. Whilst your reference number will be displayed to make you searchable, assessable and contactable for genuine candidates, your identity will be protected.


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