Our business is purposeful, dynamic, pure and positive

Our Key Principles 

Some of the fundamental principles underpinning our approach are:

  •   Quality Indicators reflect the quality performance of our system to ensure its effectiveness
  •   Analysis of  quality Indicators enables an internal audit process for quality assurance
  •   Regular survives and feedback from our clients and network members provide further support to the quality development of our system
  •   Responsiveness to practitioners and clients’ experiences provides continuous development of the service improvement, ensuring variations and flexibility across the business
  •   Disseminating and sharing learning across the network dedicated to the continual services improvement
  •   Timely response to and an appropriate case management of serious incidents and complaints ensure the quality performance of our system
  •   Administrative, rota, and management team running NOW OK website is responsible for the expansion of NowOK network throughout the UK and abroad

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