The CPNS Practitioners' Working Formates

The CPNS Practitioners work independently in private settings providing confidential and professional services to individuals, couples and groups and tailor their approach to meet client's specific needs. 

Online Sessions

Sessions can be provided through a range of online resources, such as E-mail, Skype, FaceTime, and other video calling applications, voice calling, MSN Yahoo Google text messengers, etc. These options are ideal for those looking for distance sessions nationwide and worldwide in a safe and confidential environment of their home or office, or even on holiday. This service is also essential for those individuals whose work or other circumstances involve regular travel. It is also essential for those who can not travel due to disability, child care commitments, busy life-style. Some may find that the practitioner who suits them best lives miles away. This makes online sessions the only option of receiving help. The CPNS Practitioners have experience of providing distance online counselling, psychotherapy, psychological assessment, life coaching, and supervision. By offering E-mail counselling they give clients the opportunity to engage in therapy at a convenient time and place. This may particularly appeal if clients find they express themselves better in writing rather than talking.

Flexible Working Formats

The CPNS Practitioners offer evening, day time, and weekend and  appointments. 

Office Visits

A number of practitioners manage workplace counselling service (visits to client's office). This is an ideal options for those who have little free time due to work related commitments, demanding work pattern, or individuals looking to resolve work related issues. 

Sessions taking place in Consulting Rooms

Many Practitioners offer Face-to-Face sessions that take place in the practitioner's consulting room designed to enable a calm and relaxing environment.   Other advantages may include the ease of access for disabled clients, off road private parking,  easy access of city centres and all major routes, close proximity to busses and trains. While the counselling rooms may be found in peaceful locations close to town centres and beautiful countryside areas, they aim to enable a quiet, secure, and confidential environment to help clients achieve their goals.


Home Visits

Some CPNS Practitioners offer Face-to-Face counselling in clients’ homes. These sessions are convenient for the clients who are unable to attend a practitioner's office for such reasons as child care arrangements, time restraints, disability, convalescence, illness, or accident.

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