What are the warning signs which tell you it is time to seek professional help?

We have all heard that "5-a-day" and exercising help keep our bodies healthy and fit. But how many of us find time and will to take care about our psychological and emotional well-being? Everything, from the outside environment to our own experiences, influences our psychological health in both clear and concealed ways starting with everyday stresses, work related and relationship issues, to unprocessed traumas and depressions.  What are the warning signs which tell you it is time to seek professional help?

 I am at a junction in my life and I don't know which way to turn 

I realise that I need someone to help me and offer advice and guidance  

I suffer from anxiety  

I am unhappy with my body or my outlook

I feel like things and people around me are inadequate


I don’t trust telling a stranger about your personal feelings, views or experiences

I had never plucked up the courage to receive counselling

I have to convince myself that I have the negative feelings under control and often ignore them all together 

I am feeling confused and lost 

I bottle things up 

I often feel tired and powerless 

Someone's abused and bullied me

 It feels like I'm being inadequate

I had a traumatic experience with my loved ones 

I have an addiction 

I find it difficult to cope with injustice and inequality


Some issues have affected my relationship

I've hurt a loved one 

I have phobias 

I find it difficult to cope with bereavement  

I have issues with my appearance that limit my social life

I suffer from depression even if I am able to hide it quite well for some time 

I had been involved in an accident which resulted in injuries caused to me and someone else 

 I often can't sleep or wake up feeling tired

I have abused a stranger 

 I used to have anxiety attacks 

 I often feel agitated or nervous 

It is difficult to control myself

 I thought I could cope and was wrong

I often feel frustrated or annoyed 

I find it difficult to make plans and make decisions 


 I am being criticised all the time  

 A number of things in my life become unclear

I am struggling to achieve my life goals 


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