Riddles of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Review.
Helen Stevens
Coresynthesis Research Centre, coresynthesis@gmail.com


Seasonal affective disorder is a mood disorder in people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year. The data on the distribution of SAD in different countries and some recommendations with regard to data specification elements are introduced.

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Spinoza on Power in His “Ethics”
Audrey E Randles


Spinoza had mentioned the power many times.  Look into the details of the types of power he described in “Ethics”.



The Theory Of Matrix
New Concepts of Self and Reality. Application of Empirical psychology, Evolutionary concepts, the theory of Special Relativity, and Cosmology
Author Dr Audrey Elizabeth Randles


I would like to introduce the theory of Matrix by re-phrasing  the words of Hermann Minkowski. The views of Space and Time have sprung from the soil of experimental psychology. "Herein lies their strength. Their tendency is radical."

The theory of Matrix is a cosmological theory related to a new understanding of Space-Time and associated issues as a Space-Time info-energetic structure of a human and any other existing object and system of objects, including an electron, a planet, a galaxy and the Universe. 

The theory of Matrix may be used as the basis for decision, associated with Space-Time structure, Gravity, and Black Holes dynamics.