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Are you conducting a research or getting ready to publish a book? NowOK provide promotional services by publishing your article on NowOK website and ensuring it is accessible. Here are some tips for publishing your articles and books with NowOK. You can submit any publication which relates to psychological, emotional, and social well-being, including any clinical study or a systematic review. It can include a cover image, title, your name and a list of your co-authors, postal addresses, and email addresses (optional).  Please include the abstract (up to 150 words). To allow readers to download the full text of your article or book, please submit your work in MS Word or PDF format. Your article gets our news coverage.  Allow up to 3 days for your content to appear on our website and in the search engines. Please do let us know if you would like the readers to be able to book an appointment with you or purchase an electronic version of your book through NowOK website. There are many sources to get your book translated to another language. Subject to Terms and Conditions and content approval.

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Internet publishing is internationally known and popular. Internet gives consumers free access to the new information, articles, and books. Internet technology has become another sales channel. NowOK are increasingly extrapolating into publishing. Publishing on different languages represents a new way for NowOK to interact with our customers and corresponds with the redesign of the NowOK website. Publications will be available in all NowOK websites for our customers’ business. NowOK use the publishing to inform practitioners and clients about the latest developments within the industry, new talents and to providing advice and support to customers, bloggers, and writers.

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