Service Booking Fees

Service Booking

Having a busy life-style, a day job, or being a parent, you may sense the problems associated with time-management, daily stresses, or necessity to relocate may result in necessity to receive an advice or counselling.  

If you find yourself questioning such issues as your ability to travel, the time you have available, or consultant's flexibility, NowOk offers the solution you have been looking for. We will arrange online video and audio consultations to fit your busy schedule.

Service Booking Contract

Service Booking is a personalized service we provide to you based on the information and preferences you provide to us.

Once you have filled in your registration details and your preferences we start looking for the client matching your criteria

The client's request for Practitioner's services and the practitioner's acceptance of this request, decision to provide the services to the client in accordance with the request, result in the Service Booking. 

This means we recommended a suitable client to the practitioner to provide the services to. The client wants to receive these services which the practitioner wants to provide, therefore our Service Booking Contract with you is fulfilled. 

Service Booking Fees 

Your service booking fee is your payment for our services and does not count towards any payments/deposits for the services. 

Service booking fees are administrative processing fees payable separately or at the same time when a Client provides a payment for Practitioner’s 


Each acceptance of service booking results in service booking fees payable by you.

You pay a One Off Fee per one service booking.

Service booking fee is not refundable.

Payment can be made using a Credit or Debit Card, Google Wallet, or your PayPal account.

All NowOK Fees are listed in UK Pounds.

Any currency conversion is handled automatically by a payment service provider.

Failure to make a payment within the designated period of time may result in £12 Administration Fee payable by you.

Failure to make a payment within the designated period of time may result in us not being able to provide you with our services until we have 

received the payment in full. 

Promotions and Special Offers

We may from time to time offer Special Offers and Promotional Discount codes which may apply in respect of any or certain specified services or your 

payments made though this website. 

User Discount Codes

User Discount codes may from time to time be offered to CPNS users. 

Such codes may only be applied to transactions made by the user whom the discount code was offered and registered to.

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