The Sourcing Process  

NowOK Marketing Strategy 

Our website has been designed to maximize online coverage, increase Google crawlability, and improve built-in capabilities, including the search engines optimization to increase natural traffic profile in order to attract a high volume of new clients. Facebook (29m UK users), Twitter (24m UK users), LinkedIn (new profile created every second), and YouTube (world’s 2nd largest search engine) have exploded as business and marketing tools. Their commercial use grows in importance with every passing day. Currently NowOK are developing a client-centred social media presence with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google +1.  We are working towards using these sites creating brand awareness and sourcing clients. Although we have only been proactively growing our Social Media presence since April 2012, we have had some initial success and are building on this with targeted advertising campaigns. We advertise in a variety of publications depending on coverage required and extend our advertising policy to the national and international media as well as specialist publications in order to target a diverse client base.


The vast majority of CPNS Clients are self-referred individuals and couples. We aim to cover a wide range of sectors including psychology, psychotherapy, life coaching, and business coaching and welcome clients from all backgrounds. We welcome CPNS Members to introduce us to their friends and families. We also work with a number of other websites, where we can find candidates who meet your criteria and follow up with an invitation to register with NowOK Client Practitioner Network Solutions. The information about self-referral process and the required forms are posted on our website which is updated as soon as new information arises. 

Your Marketing Strategy with NowOK

NowOK Advertising is an ideal tool for those looking to achieve a maximum result with a minimum effort. You provide the information about yourself and your services - we provide the publicity. 

Join NowOK Blog to make the most of the social networking and build social relations with prospective clients. We welcome any content that relates to Quality of Life, General Health, Emotional Health, and Psychosocial Issues. Talk to the readers about your work, share your insights, offer tips & advise - basically, express yourself and let the world know about the great work you do for others. 

Join NowOK Publishing to publish your article or research work on this site. This is a great option to attract new clients whilst raising awareness about the issues that matter to you most. 

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